Good Health


Biodiversity & Health

Alexander von Humboldt wanted, through the discovery of nature, “not to dwell on outer appearances alone;” he had the idea to also explore nature “as it is reflected within humans.”

The direct correlation between unspoiled nature and physical and spiritual health is becoming increasingly clearer. However, in the last century, biological wealth has been disappearing more and more, and nature is increasingly coming under pressure. Every person “MUST” look to take responsibility regarding how our careless treatment of nature affects our health! The preservation of biodiversity and sustainability are crucial for the development of every person, on both psychological and social levels and how essential outer nature is to our inner nature. It “MUST” also be understood that biodiversity and the economy go hand in hand! It lies in the hands of each human being to develop a sense of responsibility particularly for future generations.


Susceptibility to Infections

“The germ is nothing; the environment is everything!”

With this assertion, French physician and physiologist Claude Bernard summarized the results of his 40 years of research in one sentence. Though over 150 years have passed since then, this statement has lost none of its relevance. It still proves to be true in holistic medical practices that infectious diseases such as colds, coughs, throat infections and the flu do not befall us randomly, and that we must “fend them off” accordingly. Through our way of life and lifestyle, we prepare the foundation on which these diseases then develop. Poor nutrition, bad air, a hectic lifestyle with no rhythm or inner tranquility, indispensable “important business” and negative thoughts and beliefs all lead to acidosis of the body and produce an environment in which viruses, bacteria and fungi gain the upper hand and trigger inflammatory reactions to limit the damage done.

Right now in autumn, through the rapid changes from late summer heat to autumn cold and dampness, as well as through overheated and perhaps badly-ventilated rooms, our mucous membranes in the throat, nose and bronchi become weakened and we – if our bodies have not been adequately cleansed – become “predisposed” to infectious diseases. However, not every sneeze, cough or viral (flu) infection is a disease in the strictest sense. One can observe that these purifications and transformations often happen in developmental stages, as the old must be disposed of to make room for the new.

What is true of infections diseases can also be applied to “lifestyle diseases:” we ourselves create the circumstances that lead to degenerative organ damage. Through the overemphasis of “making” and “doing” and a lack of conformity of thought and innermost being and our hearts, our heart and blood vessels suffer, harden and fall victim to (high) pressure. This is where a return to a simple lifestyle close to nature, in which the focus on interpersonal relationships and our relationship with nature would be emphasized more, would bring us the balance we need.

Every one of us can influence the environment in our own bodies and around us, so that we can all become our own doctors and healers of our environment.


Cosmos – Human – Health

This somewhat provocative working title of an international conference is aimed at practitioners and healers who already understand that humanity and all biological life on our planet are embedded in a natural law, macrocosmic and universal field of order. Physics and chemistry already successfully use these laws of nature – biology and medicine are still on the way towards discovering, recognizing and considering these “Valid World Orders” for people. The result: while the animal and plant worlds are subjected without protest to these rules in their actions, and follow them absolutely, human civilization on the other hand has sought its own “compromise structure” deviant from cosmological laws of order. An essential component of the resulting constitutional self-weakening, which feeds through causal degeneration, is already objectively specified under the title of “lifestyle diseases.” It therefore lies in the hands of all potential patients to be aware of their personal responsibilities – particularly for their children and the next generation!