The farmstead

We were able to buy in 1990/91 a little plot of Mother Earth (sparse monoculture) and Hof damalsthrough the careful renovation of the old manor buildings and planting of more than 1000 trees, through the purchase of intensively used natural areas and their renaturation, community engagement in working together with nature as well as environmental and climate protection groups (Climate Alliance member) and use of solar energy via trend-setting technology, we have been able to transform the approx. 10Stallgebäude nach Revitalisierung hectares into a wonderful nature reserve, which will serve for many people as a model project for community cooperation and as inspiration as an “island of hope” for their own projects in the interests of future generations.

The farmstead has been distinguished by the LOB Project and with the “Steirischen Wahrzeichen 2006”-Award, and this year as “Solidarbetrieb 2013”.Hofansicht heute