Recovery for the education sector! This concerns ALL of us…
In our time, fewer and fewer people have the feeling that they are being noticed. Young people in particular suffer from this. Decisions “from above” unfortunately don’t correspond to the needs and interests of the majority of the population. The scientific mainstream often also follow the opinions on the “powerful”. From a democratic point of view, we are stuck in a crisis from which only courage, change and transformation can provide an exit… matured by the experience and with a greater inclination towards co-responsibility, tolerance, understanding and fairness. Unfortunately the focusing on those attributes that apply to all people- sovereignty, tolerance, belonging, understanding, fairness, etc.- has been neglected in our education sector. There’s a lack of credible models and examples needed to combat the frustration in the education sector.

Why can’t parents, teachers and students vote for representatives of their choice, who would take on co-responsibility for the central content of a new educational system…!?

Therefore, everybody must decide their educational path for themselves…. and NATURE is a valuable companion for all!

Let us support each other in this…. it’s so worth…. because we create the world of tomorrow TODAY!